Sam Song Li

Sam Song Li is currently starring opposite Maggie Cheung and Justin Chien in the hit Netflix series The Brothers Sun. Born in China, he was raised in Southern California, periodically spending time abroad in various regions of China and Hong Kong. Li attended the University of California, Berkeley and now lives in Los Angeles, California. Shortly after graduating, Li found massive success on social media and became a globally popular comedy creator garnering millions of subscribers and billions of views online. Li then caught the industry’s attention after being cast opposite Simu Liu in Women is Losers, which went on to premiere at the 2021 SXSW Film Festival. Also in 2021, Li was cast opposite Patrick Fabian in AMC’s Better Call Saul, earning him his first television credit. (Photo by Ziyang Wang.)


Best of 2023: Sam Song Li on Past Lives

By Sam Song Li | January 12, 2024

Best of 2023: Sam Song Li on Past Lives

One of the stars of the current Netflix hits series The Brothers Sun on a personal favorite from last year.