Ryan Lindsey

Ryan Lindsey is the lead singer and guitarist of BRONCHO. BRONCHO’s 2016 album Double Vanity shows the band transforming the raw angst of their first record into a sound decidedly more layered and complex. What began as an ode to ramshackle, high-energy early punk has become something deeper, weirder and much more nuanced. The undercurrent of early 1980s punk is still there, but the Ramones pogo has been replaced more often by a kind of Love and Rockets-inspired, honeyed, cotton-mouthed drift.

(Photo credit: Jaret Ferratusco)


Here’s Why Listening Makes or Breaks a Band

By Ryan Lindsey | May 26, 2016

Here’s Why Listening Makes or Breaks a Band

BRONCHO’s Ryan Lindsey tells us why a band is like the Eames diagram.