Ron Hill and Jeff Maccubbin

Ron Hill is a self-proclaimed giant nerd hailing from a farm in New Hampshire. His first job out of college was a night assistant editor at World of Wonder. At one point someone thought letting him edit on UNHhhh was a good idea and the world has been suffering the consequences ever since. His work includes serving as the international writer and producer of Morning T&T with RuPaul’s Drag Race UK talent The Vivienne and Baga Chipz, as well as playing the Cowardly Lion in his middle school’s production of Wizard of Oz.

Originally from Baltimore, Jeff Maccubbin arrived in L.A. with nothing but his car and a film degree. He quickly entered the comedy scene, horrifying audiences across Los Angeles with his so-called “jokes.” Under the pseudonym “Evil Jeff,” he started his own YouTube channel that garnered millions of views before joining the World of Wonder family. Jeff is one of the main editors of the award winning YouTube show UNHhhh starring Trixie and Katya. He has also worked on dozens of other WOW productions including The Vivienne Takes on Hollywood and his latest show, Why R Humans?


Short Attention Span vs the Robot Apocalypse

By Ron Hill and Jeff Maccubbin | February 27, 2023

Short Attention Span vs the Robot Apocalypse

UNHhhh creators Ron Hill and Jeff Maccubbin on their new show Why R Humans? and how no one can pay attention to one thing anymore.