Ricki Stern

Ricki Stern is an Emmy-nominated documentary film director, producer and writer. Her new film, A Radical Life, about former Islamic State jihadi Tania Joya, is now streaming on discovery+. Ricki is the executive producer and director of six-part series Surviving Death, director and executive producer of the Emmy-nominated Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work. Ricki is the co-director and co-producer of the four-part series Surviving Jeffrey Epstein (2020), the five-part series AMC/Sundance’s Preppy Murder – Death In Central Park, My So-Called High School Rank (2022), the Emmy-nominated Reversing Roe (2018), Marathon – The Patriots Day Bombing (2016), In My Father’s (2015), Knuckleball! (2012), Burma Soldier (2011), the Emmy-nominated The Devil Came On Horseback (2007), the Emmy–nominated The Trials of Daryl Hunt (2006). She was the director of In My Corner (1998) and the director-producer of the Emmy-nominated Neglect Not the Children (1992).


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Reaching a Place of Vulnerability and Authenticity

By Ricki Stern | November 1, 2022

Reaching a Place of Vulnerability and Authenticity

Documentary director Ricki Stern, whose new film A Radical Life is now streaming on discovery+, on getting to the core of her subjects.