Renny Harlin

Renny Harlin is a veteran Hollywood director whose new movie, The Bricklayer starring Aaron Eckhart, Nina Dobrev, Clifton Collins Jr. and Tim Blake Nelson, is out now in theaters. His next project is a reboot trilogy of The Strangers franchise. He made his mark as a director in the 1990s with the action blockbuster hits Die Hard 2, Cliffhanger, The Long Kiss Goodnight and Deep Blue Sea. His more recent films include The Cleaner, 12 Rounds, 5 Days of War, Skiptrace and The Misfits. (Photo by Don Bigileone via Flickr.)


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Three Great Things: Renny Harlin

By Renny Harlin | January 17, 2024

Three Great Things: Renny Harlin

The veteran action director, whose new film The Bricklayer is out now, on a trio of life's greatest essentials.