REBELMATIC is easily one of the most important modern Black Punk/Hardcore bands playing and recording today.  Their appearance at Afro-Punk in 2017 was lauded by many for being a saving grace of a festival many felt had left it’s Black rock and alt roots.

REBELMATIC fashioned themselves from the rubble of the New York heavy rock scene abandoned by gentrification and the unlikely infiltration of pop music on the NYC underground… and quickly found themselves a refreshing addition to New York nightlife. They have become an iconic band with fans including HR of Bad Brains and Angelo Moore of Fishbone.

A writer once described REBELMATIC as “James Brown in a mosh pit.”  The band shares Brown’s soul, rhythm, urgency and social awareness wrapped in a Punk aesthetic.


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Rebelmatic Makes Hardcore That Is Unapologetically Black

By Rebelmatic | July 2, 2020

Rebelmatic Makes Hardcore That Is Unapologetically Black

Frontman Creature talks the tokenization of Black artists, and why ACAB is more than just a motto.