Peter Zummo

Peter Zummo is heralded as a true pioneer of avant-garde/experimental jazz. Having worked with a myriad of bands, orchestras, composers and musicians, his celebrated trombone style is widely known as one of the most beloved features of Arthur Russel‘s sound, for whom he played and collaborated. He’s also known for his work with LOUNGE LIZARDS, Tom Skinner, and Teo Macero, among many others.

On his new album, Deep Drive 2 +, Zummo revisits 2014’s Deep Drive album — his last release for Unheard of Hope (Tin Angel) that saw him collaborate with Ernie Brooks, Bill Ruyle, and Aftersun composer Oliver Coates. Taking the material in an entirely new direction on  Deep Drive 2 +, he enlists an equally impressive new band of collaborators: Peter Broderick (violin, drums, synth), Joe Carvell (bass), Sebastian Rojas (synth, organ) and Unheard of Hope label mate/celebrated cellist Mabe Fratti

Deep Drive 2 + is out now on Unheard of Hope (Tin Angel).


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Peter Zummo and Mabe Fratti Don’t Know What’s Coming Next

By Peter Zummo | May 5, 2023

Peter Zummo and Mabe Fratti Don’t Know What’s Coming Next

The collaborators talk improvisation, “world music,” AI, and much more.