Pansy is a new project from Chicago singer-songwriter Vivian McCall, who meshes classic AM pop songwriting, bleary college rock atmospherics, and lyrics that favor plainspoken honesty over complication.

While “Anybody Help Me” is the second single from her self-titled debut album, McCall has been long active in the Chicago music scene. For years, she played in the experimental pop band Jungle Green. She recorded the band and others (Gold Star Gold Star, Big Mermaid) at her home studio Wild Combination.

McCall also writes for a living. You may have heard her reporting for Chicago NPR station WBEZ. McCall isn’t married, but maybe you can change that.

(Photo Credit: Emma Collins)


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Introducing: Pansy’s “Anybody Help Me”

By Pansy | February 16, 2021

Introducing: Pansy’s “Anybody Help Me”

A track from the Chicago singer-songwriter, plus an essay about it by the artist herself.