Person is the debut from NYC’s P.E., a band born of the city’s art-punk underground and dedicated to freaky experimentation. Comprising Veronica Torres, Jonathan Campolo, and Benjamin Jaffe (all of the beloved and freshly defunct Pill) alongside Jonathan Schenke and Robert Jones of the electronic/art-rock favorite Eaters, P.E. features some of NYC’s most notable experimental voices. Early shows were entirely improvisational, allowing the group to develop a collaborative chemistry that led to an equally free-form recording process.
The resulting LP displays the group’s collective experience writing memorable songs, matched with a dedication to tearing them apart at the seams. Recorded at Schenke’s Studio Windows, Person holds the spark of P.E.’s early improvisations in its clattering industrial percussion, zigzagging synths and sax, and colorful dystopian poetry. The group’s natural language results in a sonic lexicon reflecting the unnatural surroundings of their adopted home in NYC—chaotic yet alluring, gnarly, and fun. Sold and packaged with a tender tone, this is music for fully-formed persons aware of their ideological discrepancies. Turn on the human music of the 21st century.
(Photo Credit: Andrew Jansen)


P.E. Talk Remixes and the Art of Maximalism With Liars’ Angus Andrew

By P.E. | January 15, 2020

P.E. Talk Remixes and the Art of Maximalism With Liars’ Angus Andrew

The friends and collaborators chop it up about Andrew’s film scoring and their favorite sounds.