NIIKA (FKA Good at Bad), conceived and fronted by Russian-born Chicago native Nika Nemirovsky (guitar and voice), is a genre-bending, continent-crossing, soft explosion of intimate indie, soul, and dirty pop. Nika wrote and recorded much of her music in Australia, but is currently holding a close focus on the blossoming creativity of her Chicago ensemble. The live show is a lush bath of ardent vocal performance, cradling harmonies, and seamless groove changes, which align like aural punctuation around Nika’s vivid storytelling and deep, organic vulnerability.


Hear First: NIIKA’s Close But Not Too Close

By NIIKA | May 13, 2020

Hear First: NIIKA’s Close But Not Too Close

Stream the new album, and read her conversation about it with fellow Chicagoan NNAMDÏ.