Nana Grizol

In 2003, Theo Hilton was a solo artist playing songs about being queer in front of mostly straight audiences at punk venues around Athens, GA, and the southeast.  What started as an artistic outlet for his own personal experiences became a band called Nana Grizol in 2007, a four-piece punk project birthed from Hilton’s isolated existence as a small town queer boy.

On South Somewhere Else (Arrowhawk/Don Giovanni, 2020) Hilton uses the band’s fourth album to shine a light on the southern queer experience beyond feelings of isolation and onto his own privileged experience as a white man who grew up in a left-leaning, affluent college town. 17 years in, it is not enough for Hilton to simply sing sad love songs about boys, but to examine his personal concept of home, and to look unflinching at his own distant feelings about “the south” and his own complicated history of place.


Introducing: Nana Grizol’s “We Carry The Feeling”

By Nana Grizol | June 12, 2020

Introducing: Nana Grizol’s “We Carry The Feeling”

A music video premiere, plus some words from frontman Theo Hilton on pursuing self-acceptance as a queer person in the Athens, GA punk scene.