Nana Adjoa

Nana Adjoa is a Dutch-Ghanaian singer, songwriter, bass and guitar player. Raised in Bussum, The Netherlands, she started playing the guitar and writing songs at a young age. Throughout her youth, Nana was involved in various musical projects before moving to Amsterdam to study bass guitar at the prestigious Jazz Conservatorium. While playing as a bassist for several successful Dutch acts she began working on her own material and took part in a prestigious singer-songwriter talent contest the Grote Prijs van Nederland. As runner-up, Nana’s alternative/indie pop songs immediately drew attention. All of Nana Adjoa’s songs come from a deep place. The multi-talented Nana Adjoa is hard to capture in one genre, but her soulful yet groovy songs can be traced back to the nineties, specifically to her love for British trip-hop. With a warm voice that encompasses itself in the tones of soul, combined with her compact and poetic lyrics, Nana manages to be melancholic without losing joy.


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Dear God: Nana Adjoa

By Nana Adjoa | October 10, 2018

Dear God: Nana Adjoa

“Something that promises to heal not just one wound, but all wounds, is very tempting to believe.”