Morgan Maassen

Morgan Maassen is a 29-year-old photographer from Santa Barbara, California. His interest in filmmaking started in his teens when he started experimenting with his family’s home video cameras at the beach, goofing off with friends and exploring the central coast. After working in the graphic design industry, he decided to pursue filmmaking and then photography as both a creative outlet and occupation. Growing up in and around the ocean provided him with his favorite subject to photograph; subsequently, the majority of his work is water-related and involves the oceanic lifestyle. He dreams of nothing more than visiting the next new country, capturing whatever beauty it may hold. Find out more at his official website.


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My Father, the Sea Urchin Diver

By Morgan Maassen | May 22, 2020

My Father, the Sea Urchin Diver

Filmmaker Morgan Maassen looks at the impact of coronavirus on his father, Jeff Maassen, who he profiled for Vimeo's Stories in Place series.