MJ Bassett

After departing an early career path as the U.K.’s youngest wildlife hospital and rehabilitation center owner, MJ Bassett ventured into the entertainment industry, first as a television presenter of nature and science programs, and then transitioned into writing and directing in 2002 with Deathwatch starring Jamie Bell, Matthew Rhys and Andy Serkis. For the next decade, MJ would continue directing films like Wilderness (2006), Solomon Kane (2009) and Silent Hill: Revelation (2012). In 2013, MJ shifted her focus to television, becoming the lead director and subsequently a writer, co-producer and finally executive producer on Cinemax’s Emmy-nominated series Strike Back in both of its iterations. MJ’s latest feature, Rogue, starring Megan Fox and co-written by MJ with her daughter, Isabel Bassett, released by Lionsgate on PVOD and digital on August 28. A South Africa-set thriller, it combines her passion for wildlife conservation with her love of filmmaking, delivering action and thrills while reminding viewers of the value of the animals we share the planet with. Coming out as transgender in 2016, MJ spends a lot of time shooting around the world and is currently writing her next two eco-thrillers for Lionsgate and prepping to direct Showtime’s Halo with Pablo Schreiber. You can follow MJ on Instagram at @emjaybassett. (Photo by Madaleine Bassett.)


Life v2.0

By MJ Bassett | August 27, 2020

Life v2.0

Director MJ Bassett, whose new film Rogue is out tomorrow, on her experiences after coming out as transgender in 2017.