Michael Stasiak

Michael grew up in Washington state and started playing drums in middle school when he was thirteen years old. While in college at New York University, Michael was a clerk at East Village Record Shop, Other Music, as well as a founding member of the Captured Tracks band Widowspeak, recording parts and touring with the band for their first LP. A few years later, Michael joined EZTV, who are also signed to Captured Tracks. EZTV released their debut album, Calling Out, in July 2015, and will release their sophomore album, High in Place, on September 30, 2016. Currently, he is also a Digital Imaging Specialist/Archivist at New York University and frequently assists Captured Tracks with preserving original art for their reissue projects.

(Photo credit: Pamela Garavano-Coolbaugh)


The Trials and Tribulations of Writing Your Band Bio

By Michael Stasiak | August 30, 2016

The Trials and Tribulations of Writing Your Band Bio

Michael Stasiak (EZTV) was inspired by the death of Other Music and Glasslands to string together the story of his band.