Micah Van Hove

Micah Van Hove is a director, producer and D.P. who has been exploring the possibilities in micro-budget cinema since 2009. His first feature film, Menthol (from the producer of Boyz N the Hood) premiered at the 2014 Santa Barbara International Film Festival. In 2018, Micah’s short film Del Arco Vacío was selected as the #1 finalist for Black Factory Cinema’s program with Werner Herzog in Peru. Micah’s second solo directorial effort, Shadow of a Gun, won the Narrative Feature Audience Award at the 2018 Knoxville Film Festival in Tennessee. Micah’s music video work for artists like Weyes Blood, Neil Hamburger, Alex G and Ariel Pink has premiered on Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, Vice, NPR and more. As a writer for No Film School since 2013, Micah has reached millions of readers in his effort to stimulate discourse around films that reflect a commitment to personal and courageous work. Micah is currently developing his third feature to shoot in Colombia in 2020. Find out more at his official website.


Memories of Werner

By Micah Van Hove | May 20, 2020

Memories of Werner

Micah Van Hove looks back on an unforgettable 10 days in Peru at Werner Herzog's filmmaking workshop in the Amazonian jungle.