Malik is a 24-year-old GRAMMY-winning producer and artist who’s been taken under the mentorship of No. I.D. and his label, ARTium Recordings. He’s also a darling of his hometown Austin, TX, a restless creative spirit who’s been writing and creating music locally for some time. The pinnacle of his work so far is Spectrum (Demo). Out now, each song on Spectrum (Demo)  which Malik describes as “a sort of musical take on Pixar’s Inside Out, if it were as heavily influenced by Outkast, Graduation-era Kanye West, Days Before Rodeo-era Travis ScottAcid Rap Chance the Rapper, and Nostalgia, Ultra Frank Ocean, as I was”  is named after a specific color and channels its energy and purpose.


Three Great Things: Malik

By Malik | August 25, 2020

Three Great Things: Malik

The producer and artist talks cartoons, fashion, and the great outdoors.