Lunchbox’s Tim Brown and Donna McKean have been making records in their Oakland, California basement for two decades, inspired by 1960s/70s AM-radio pop and TV show theme music, punk, C86, and mod à la The Creation and The Jam. From the sonically-inventive indiepop of The Magic of Sound (1999) to the dub-influenced psychedelia of Evolver (2001) to the critically-acclaimed bubblegum of Lunchbox Loves You (2013), the couple have established a sound all their own. Their new album for Slumberland, After School Special, finds them at the height of their powers of songcraft and performance.


Three Great Things: Lunchbox

By Lunchbox | October 1, 2020

Three Great Things: Lunchbox

The California duo’s Tim Brown on what’s keeping him sane.