Luka Kuplowsky

With his wonderful new album Stardust, Luka Kuplowsky makes a refreshing argument for the relevance of acoustic music as a place to hold thought; an open space to place impeccably chosen words, ideas and images. A young songwriter with a calm, conversational delivery and an effortless, un-showy grasp of poetry; Kuplowsky humbly picks up the same threads of inquiry that did Cohen, asking the big questions about love, meaning and consciousness. Musically, Stardust triangulates between Hejira and Late for the Sky, finding connections between the purity of simple melody and the tangled modulations of jazz. Luka Kuplowsky makes a music of contemplation, a music alive to the everyday possibilities of epiphany and revelation, an unhurried music that moves with the gentle and curving rhythms of thought.

(Photo Credit: Melissa Richards)


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Introducing: Luka Kuplowsky’s “Stardust (Reprise)”

By Luka Kuplowsky | September 30, 2020

Introducing: Luka Kuplowsky’s “Stardust (Reprise)”

A new music video, plus a statement from the artist.