Luigi Campi

Luigi Campi is an Italian writer-director who lives between Athens and Rome. His narrative films, music videos and video art have a distinctive personal voice – sometimes sensorial and lyrical, other times absurdly comedic. His first feature film, My First Kiss and the People Involved, premiered at the 2016 LA Film Festival and went on to win various international awards. In 2019, he participated in the Torino Film Lab and the Oxbelly Lab with his upcoming feature film, The Woman with a Missing Leg. He loves collaborative projects, and is currently developing films with various international artists. My First Kiss and the People Involved will be available to watch for free for a week on from November 8, and on Amazon Prime (US/Canada) starting November 17.


The Art of Stealing

By Luigi Campi | November 8, 2019

The Art of Stealing

Luigi Campi, the writer-director of My First Kiss and the People Involved, on some of the "appropriated" images in his new film.