Lola Blanc

Lola Blanc is a creator across the mediums of music, film and podcasting. Her new single, “Trust Me,” is out now and will be followed by a companion short film/music video due out early fall 2023, directed by Blanc, who is also a filmmaker. Her latest film, Pruning, starring Madeline Brewer, is currently on the festival circuit. In addition to her musical and film careers, Lola Blanc co-hosts a wildly popular podcast about cults and the dangerous and intoxicating psychology of extreme belief, also called Trust Me. She is in fact a trusted pundit on the subject in the upcoming Netflix docuseries How to Become a Cult Leader. (Photo by Mikey Piliero.)


A Case for the Female Cinematic Genius

By Lola Blanc | August 30, 2023

A Case for the Female Cinematic Genius

Musician and filmmaker Lola Blanc, whose short film Pruning is now playing festivals, wants you to shift your thinking.