Lisa Papineau

One would be hard-pressed to think of a more quintessential go-to artisan for dynamic and progressive new music than Lisa Papineau. She began her performance career in experimental theatre and has since amassed a body of work that spans albums, film soundtracks, art installations, dance and theater productions, narration and producing, but is best known for her own mold-breaking voice. Papineau can possess an unmistakably hushed yet still-beating heart-in-hand vocal style or tear screams from the same breath. She fronts her eponymous group and the band Big Sir with bassist Juan Alderete.

(Photo Credit: Kozyndan)


Wonderful ( not an interview but a ) conversation with Matt and Jon of @UndeterminedTh1 . Such a pleasure to sit…

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Introducing: Lisa Papineau’s “The Last City”

By Lisa Papineau | April 24, 2019

Introducing: Lisa Papineau’s “The Last City”

The premiere of a new video, plus a discussion between the artist and her friend, filmmaker Dante Harper.