Kristina Moore writes songs about the anti-place, a state of being understood by truckers, deckhands, flight attendants, and touring musicians. An in-between existence where home becomes blurry, and improvised routines provide temporary comfort. That liminal experience was only exasperated when Moore relocated to New York and then immediately hit the road, spending every weeknight in a different club around the country, her bags still unpacked and her world in stasis.

koleżanka‘s debut album, Place Is, distills the experiences of a lifetime into sound. These songs could easily soundtrack a late night drive through the Phoenix desert, cacti and the pupils of wildlife illuminated under the yellow glow of headlights


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koleżanka and Lamont Brown (RNIE) Are Trying to Move Forward

By koleżanka | July 30, 2021

koleżanka and Lamont Brown (RNIE) Are Trying to Move Forward

The friends and collaborators on writing through trauma, finding inspiration in Pokémon, and more.