Kelly Murtagh

Kelly Murtagh is a mom, Louisiana-native, and an award-winning actress, writer, producer, singer and children’s book author who works in film, television and theatre. She has received multiple awards including the Best Actress Award at Festival South, and the Best Actress Award at the 48 Independent Short Film Festival. Kelly wrote the feature-length film Shapeless, telling of her personal struggle with an eating disorder, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and is now out in theaters and on VOD. Kelly also executive-produced and was lead actress of the film. She also co-owns production company, Water Meter Productions, with Bobby Gilchrist. Kelly is the founder of SoulStar Space, an online spiritual safe space for mystic mindfulness and healing. Kelly also authored the children’s book Zoo Krewe – which was illustrated by Samantha Aldana, who also directed Shapeless. She also works with the organization Project Heal which helps break down systemic, healthcare and financial barriers to eating disorder treatment. (Photo by Dana Patrick.)


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How I Healed From an Eating Disorder with My Mind (and Body and Spirit)

By Kelly Murtagh | March 8, 2022

How I Healed From an Eating Disorder with My Mind (and Body and Spirit)

Writer-actress Kelly Murtagh on the deep, personal journey she took making her new film, Shapeless, out now on VOD.