Katherine Waddell

Producer-actress Katherine Waddell is best known for her work as an actor and co-executive producer on acclaimed indie feature Dinner in America, which premiered at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival. She recently completed the coming-of-age film Balloon Animal, shot entirely during COVID-19, in which she plays lead character Poppy, a girl who makes balloon animals at a traveling circus. It is also the debut feature produced by her new female-driven production company, First Bloom Films, created with director Em Johnson. She recently executive produced IFC’s We Need to Do Something, a horror feature starring Vinessa Shaw which premiered at 2021 Tribeca Film Festival. Her first major producing credit came from her role as associate producer on Gasoline Films’ Six LA Love Stories, starring Alicia Witt and Matthew Lillard. For the past few years, Katherine has worked as an associate producer at Poitier & Dunaway Motion Pictures and Gasoline Films. (Photo by Leah Tribett.)


How My First Film Was Sabotaged from Within

By Katherine Waddell | November 8, 2021

How My First Film Was Sabotaged from Within

Actress and producer Katherine Waddell shares the cautionary tale of one of her earliest experiences working in independent film.