Kailey and Sam Spear

Kailey and Sam Spear are director-writer-actors (and twin sisters) currently based in Vancouver and represented out of Los Angeles. Their passion lies in character-based genre film, particularly world building in fantasy and sci-fi. They have directed both in both theatre and film, winning awards for many of their short films. (Links for their short films can be found on their website.) Their first television directing job was for season 2 of CW’s horror anthology Two Sentence Horror Stories; they were brought back for two more episodes in the next season (one of which ended up becoming the season 3 premiere). Their latest work, the second episode of season 4 of Shudder’s Creepshow, “The Hat / Grieving Process,” airs on October 20. (Photo by Kristine Cofsky.)


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The Spear Sisters on Discovering Where the Story Lives

By Kailey and Sam Spear | October 20, 2023

The Spear Sisters on Discovering Where the Story Lives

Kailey and Sam Spear, whose episode of Creepshow airs tonight, on the theatre school that sparked their deep love of storytelling.