Justin Brooks

Justin Brooks is an award-winning filmmaker known for his short form documentary films, narrative horror shorts and commercials. He has worked for such brands as Vice, Vogue, the History Channel, Vanity Fair, Vox and others. Alone with You, which he wrote and directed with Emily Bennett, is in theaters on February 4 and on demand, digital and DVD on February 8. His most recent short film, Pains, will premiere on Gunpowder & Sky’s Alter channel later this year. Justin’s work can currently be seen on a three part WWII docuseries on the History Channel and other top-rated shows currently on the A&E Network and TLC. (Photo by Keith Barraclough.)


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From Punk Rock to Indie Horror, It’s DIY or Die

By Justin Brooks | February 3, 2022

From Punk Rock to Indie Horror, It’s DIY or Die

Whether playing guitar in the bands Bad Ash and Ashers or now making his debut feature Alone with You, Justin Brooks has kept the same ethos.