Johnathan Rice

Johnathan Rice signed his first record deal at 19, the same year he made his film debut as Roy Orbison alongside Joaquin Phoenix’s Johnny Cash in Walk The Line; he released three solo records that earned tour dates with artists as varied as R.E.M., Ray LaMontagne, Pavement, and Phoenix; he wrote and produced for a slew of well-known artists and collaborated with everyone from Elvis Costello to Jonathan Wilson; and he even published an acclaimed book of poetry. But Rice’s latest album, The Long Game, demonstrates a new kind of range and depth, stripping his songs back to their most elemental selves in order to reveal naked reflections on loss, pain, acceptance, and growth.

The Long Game is out May 2019 via Mano Walker Records.


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A Guide to Johnathan Rice’s The Long Game

By Johnathan Rice | May 10, 2019

A Guide to Johnathan Rice’s The Long Game

Rice walks us through how Jenny Lewis, Bill Murray, and Meryl Streep influenced his new album.