Jocelyn Mackenzie

Jocelyn Mackenzie is a Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter, percussionist, songwriting coach, artist, and stylist. She will be releasing her first full-length solo album PUSH on January 29 via Righteous Babe Records. The album was written for string quartet, voice, and synth percussion about healing through radical self-love and for this project she collaborated with Sam McCormally, Emily Hope Price, Franz Nicolay, Adam Schatz, Jo Lampert, Barrie Lobo McClain, and more.

(Photo Credit: Ester Segretto)


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Three Great Things: Jocelyn Mackenzie

By Jocelyn Mackenzie | October 20, 2020

Three Great Things: Jocelyn Mackenzie

Plus a first look at her great new video, “The Brave Ones.”