Jae Shim

Jae Shim is an independent filmmaker whose interests and tastes gravitate towards the irreverent, profound and romantic. Jae’s creative approach mirrors that of Werner Herzog’s “ecstatic truth,” where the line between documentary and fiction is blurred, imploring the auteur to go beyond mere observation to arrive at a greater reality. He was selected as a finalist for the Warner Bros. Emerging Film Directors Workshop for his short story “Happy Death Co.,” which centered around fake funerals in South Korea. Jae eventually stumbled upon the groundbreaking work of David Cope who famously experimented with artificial intelligence and music. Nothing short of a dream project, he embarked on a five year journey with the algorithmic composer to make a film about the creative process itself. Opus Cope: An Algorithmic Opera, which now available to stream, imagines David’s world as a “documentary” and marks Jae’s feature film debut. For more, visit jaeshim.com.


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Creativity 2.0

By Jae Shim | May 24, 2023

Creativity 2.0

Reflections on AI and human creativity in the style of Opus Cope, a documentary film about the godfather of AI music, David Cope.