Irina Varina

Irina Varina is an actor, filmmaker and theater artist based in New York and Philadelphia. Her work tends to revolve around women, personal history, belonging and the desire to connect. Her films have been screened at The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival, Queens World Film Festival, NewFilmmakers New York, Tiny Film Festival (grand prize winner for a short film A Memory), PBS channel (winner of Reel 13 contest for A Memory). After a successful festival run, her first feature film, Us, Forever Ago, is now available on VOD. She followed it up with Things I’d Like To Do Instead Of Thinking About Men, a six-part web series. In 2020, she invited people for a 30-minute walk with Death in An Encounter, a solo show that debuted at Philadelphia Fringe Festival. (Photo by Kate Raines.)


How Do You Frame It?

By Irina Varina | January 19, 2021

How Do You Frame It?

Filmmaker Irina Varina looks back on, and tries to make sense of, the series of short films she made during pandemic-era 2020.