Hikaru Toda

Hikaru Toda is self-shooting director and editor based in London and Osaka who works in long- and short-format documentaries. Her films have screened on BBC’s Storyville, France Télévisions, NHK, The Guardian and at major international film festivals including Hot Docs, CPH DOX and the Melbourne International Film Festival. Hikaru moved to Japan for the first time in 22 years to make her latest film, Of Love & Law; the film screens at Japan Cuts in New York City on Friday July 20.


78年前の今日(3月26日)、座間味島に米軍が沖縄初上陸。4年ぶりに戻って来た阿真海岸にて。 https://t.co/aD9wtYaeBl https://t.co/frg4UtdRvv

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My Awkward Encounters on the Film Festival Circuit

By Hikaru Toda | July 19, 2018

My Awkward Encounters on the Film Festival Circuit

The director of the documentary Of Love & Law discusses constantly having to negotiate being “othered” by well-intentioned audience members.