Hernan Barangan

When Hernan Barangan was 15 years old he was diagnosed with Leukemia – and he beat it. His professional path emerged during the long months undergoing treatment, as he fell in love with cinema. Barangan has since worked on numerous music videos and commercials, as well as produced various multimedia films, including 3 Apartments, a technically and creatively challenging triptych installation film. Returning to the origins of his career, Barangan turned the camera back on cancer itself. The resulting feature film, Cancer Rebellion, follows as he travels to all 50 states, conducting nearly 100 interviews with young cancer fighters. Executive Produced by Roger Daltrey of The Who, Cancer Rebellion is now available to pre-order on Amazon and iTunes. He is also currently attached as writer-director on a provocative feature film dramedy titled Something’s Fishy with Springbok Entertainment.


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My Cancer Vendetta, or The Long Road to Making Cancer Rebellion

By Hernan Barangan | May 28, 2019

My Cancer Vendetta, or The Long Road to Making Cancer Rebellion

Filmmaker and leukemia survivor Hernan Barangan charts the journey that led him to making his documentary feature debut.