Hennessey is a good old fashioned hipster band from New York. Manhattan to be exact. In the tradition of Le Tigre, Gorillaz, Devo, and Roxy Music, they are a group of multidisciplinary artists who have come together to create vintage-pop obsessed electronic dance punk.

Leah Hennessey, also known as a playwright and creator of the underground web series Zhe Zhe, is the lead singer and principal songwriter of the band. Synthesizer/drum machine “operator” and Eno-like “non-musician” E.J. O’Hara has been collaborating with Leah “almost since high school.” His main concern is to make the beats sound more like Timbaland. Electronic guitarist Noah Chevan eschews amplifiers and traditional guitar rigs in favor of computer processing.

(Photo Credit: Mike Martinez)


Three Great Things: Hennessey

By Hennessey | May 8, 2020

Three Great Things: Hennessey

Frontwoman Leah Hennessey talks her complicated relationship with ‘80s nostalgia.