Ganser combines post-punk workmanship with aesthetic noise rock tendencies, inspired by cinematic visuals and imagist language. Composed of keyboardist/vocalist Nadia Garofalo, bassist/vocalist Alicia Gaines, drummer Brian Cundiff, and guitarist Charlie Landsman, equal parts Space Odyssey and Ghost World, this Chicago-based band channels anxiety’s heightened state to absurd ends.

Their debut, Odd Talk, was released in 2018 on No Trend Records to favorable coverage from The New York Times, Billboard, Stereogum, and other publications. Building on their dissociative disorder namesake, their music is sometimes frenzied (“PSY OPS”), but sometimes contemplative (“Revel”), probing on questions of anxiety, intimacy, and avoidance.

(Photo Credit: Kirsten Miccoli)


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Introducing: Ganser’s “Bad Form”

By Ganser | July 23, 2019

Introducing: Ganser’s “Bad Form”

A music video premiere, plus an essay from frontwoman Alicia Gaines.