Field Music

Field Music, brothers Peter and David Brewis, hail from Sunderland in the Northeast of England. The band’s music draws on influences as wide-ranging as Stravinsky, Stax R&B, Fleetwood Mac, Serge Gainsbourg, Thelonious Monk and Kate Bush. Field Music’s sound is like all of the pop music you’ve ever heard but with a distinctly British — and Northeastern, tinge. They’ve become known for a deconstructionist approach to songwriting, playfully twisting compositions into new and odd shapes, with a refreshing disregard for convention and cliche.


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Introducing: Field Music’s “Money Is A Memory”

By Field Music | February 6, 2020

Introducing: Field Music’s “Money Is A Memory”

A new music video from the Sunderland duo, plus a brief autobiography from David Brewis.