Eleanore Pienta

Eleanore Pienta is an award-winning screen and stage actor, comedian, dancer and filmmaker. She can currently be seen in the single-take thriller Soft & Quiet, which is now out in theaters on VOD through Momentum Pictures. Weaving in and out of the independent film world, Pienta has carved out a niche for herself by portraying uncompromising and complex characters, her presence on screen is at once alluring albeit menacing. Filmmaker Magazine called her role as Mona in See You Next Tuesday “…one of the most original, indelible, infuriating and truly felt movie characters in some time, a sister to Loden’s Wanda and Rowlands’ A Woman Under the Influence…” Pienta’s directorial debut, Ada, premiered at the New York Film Festival. Eleanore graces the NYC stages with her solo work and can be seen performing with collaborators Sunita Mani and Tallie Medel as Cocoon Central Dance Team, and together created the cult classic Snowy Bing Bongs Across the North Star Combat Zone.


Drooling Towards Bethlehem: Taking Risks in Making Art

By Eleanore Pienta | November 7, 2022

Drooling Towards Bethlehem: Taking Risks in Making Art

Multihyphenate Eleanore Pienta, who can currently be seen in the thriller Soft & Quiet, on the importance pushing oneself creatively.