Cullen Omori

On the path to his second album The Diet, Cullen Omori relocated from Chicago to Los Angeles and reexamined his whole artistic process. “On this record,” says Omori, “I was like, ‘I want a break with the convention that I had steadily been building since releasing music as a teenager.'” The Diet was recorded with Taylor Locke at Velveteen Laboratory in Los Feliz, in early 2017. It represents a new chapter for the former Smith Westerns member, one in which he stretches out his songwriting chops and uses his life experience to craft loose-limbed, hook-filled songs that combine pop appeal with finely sutured lyrics.


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On BODEGA, and the Imitators and Innovators of Punk

By Cullen Omori | July 11, 2018

On BODEGA, and the Imitators and Innovators of Punk

"Borrowing from older genres and mining long-forgotten albums is a birthright of any hard working, smart musician."