Craig Hendrix

Craig Hendrix is a musician from Philadelphia, where he operates The Well recording studio. He’s best known for his work as co-producer and multi-instrumentalist with the band Japanese Breakfast, and has composed music for film, choir, and chamber ensemble. The Wu Tang Names Generator website authoritatively suggests he be referred to as X-pert Contender. In the past, he has performed at The White House (Clinton Era), The Oregon Zoo (by the elephants), and on a giant motorized rollerblade (with TV dad Alan Thicke). He is currently at work on a song that uses the same four notes as “Mary Had A Little Lamb” and expects it to be just as popular.


Mid-Level Indie Band Touring Is My Favorite Sport

By Craig Hendrix | October 31, 2019

Mid-Level Indie Band Touring Is My Favorite Sport

Craig Hendrix (Japanese Breakfast) talks Snail Mail, Olive Garden, and the glamor of eating breakfast in a Guitar Center parking lot.