German duo Georg Conrad and Marius Bubat — aka COMA — fuse dance music’s communal properties with an indie sensibility. Rich in melody and melancholy, COMA’s repertoire occupies an emotionally-driven corner of the electronic music spectrum, where dynamic soundscapes collide with heartfelt lyrics.

COMA may have their roots firmly in the city’s fabled club scene — they initially signed to Cologne’s established electronic label Kompakt in 2009 — but their effervescent, groove-tipped synth-pop blurs boundaries and strays outside the lines. Their new home of City Slang (Caribou, Gold Panda, Son Lux, Tindersticks) is the perfect fit for their hypnotic brand of indie-electro.

After releasing a steady stream of records that includes their 2013 debut In Technicolor and 2015’s This Side of Paradise, in recent years both Bubat and Conrad experienced a transformative time marked by a series of tragedies and milestones, including the loss of a parent and the birth of a child. COMA’s new album Voyage Voyage tells the story of these complicated moments through an equally complex sonic web, and casts a sweet and heavy-hearted glow on listeners.

(Photo Credit: Frederike Wetzels)


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COMA Reels Us In with “Snurrebassen”

By COMA | November 22, 2019

COMA Reels Us In with “Snurrebassen”

Marius Bubat on how his passion for fishing influenced the duo’s new album Voyage Voyage.