Cody Crump

A self-taught musician, Cody Crump was born in Colorado. He was kicked out of his school band and choir for making bad jokes, and impeached as his junior class president for getting arrested. Crump chose music as his path after a Metallica concert at age 16. A man of many contradictions, each release sounds completely different from his last. After living in Denver for three years Crump moved to Los Angeles continuing to hone his craft while playing at venues such as: Soho House, The Standard, The Roxy, and The Chateau Marmont. The film world began to take notice using his music in shows including: The Leftovers (HBO), The Righteous Gemstones (HBO), and How to Get Away With Murder (ABC). Crump currently has several albums of new material, and can’t wait to release them into the world.

(Photo Credit: Anne Dereaux)


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A Few of Cody Crump’s Favorite Movie Stars

By Cody Crump | May 13, 2021

A Few of Cody Crump’s Favorite Movie Stars

There are “galaxies upon galaxies” of actors to be appreciated. Here are five of them.