Clever Girls

Between days at a slew of odd jobs- running a vintage store, on the line at a record manufacturing plant, bartending at a hometown hole-in-the-wall) Diane Jean founded Clever Girls — a quartet formed in the drunken dives of Burlington, Vermont. Diane’s quirky outlook buoys the band’s writing, but together, the group creates hard-hitting, emotional pop- never slipping into diaristic monotony. Clever Girls as a group will elicit the same emotion and nostalgia that Diane seeks to find in their day jobs; the music will live somewhere between straight forward rock & roll of bygone eras and dusty, moth eaten grunge pop.


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Introducing: Clever Girls’ “Remember Pluto”

By Clever Girls | November 6, 2019

Introducing: Clever Girls’ “Remember Pluto”

A track premiere, plus a breakdown of its "recipe" from Hammydown (aka Abbie Morin).