Claudia Gonson

Claudia Gonson is the manager for The Magnetic Fields and all of Stephin Merritt‘s projects. Gonson met Merritt in high school in the ’80s, and the pair have been working together ever since. Along with her management work, Claudia records and performs with The Magnetic Fields as their pianist and occasional singer, and sings with another Merritt project, Future Bible Heroes. Previously, Claudia played drums with TMF, also with the bands Tender Trap and Honeybunch. Claudia has collaborated with Shirley Simms, Tanya Donnelly, and authors Rick Moody and Neil Gaiman. Currently, Claudia is studying to be a therapist, while raising her daughter, and continues to manage and work with Stephin Merritt.


Gig Economy: Claudia Gonson

By Claudia Gonson | May 2, 2019

Gig Economy: Claudia Gonson

The artist and manager on her dual career with the Magnetic Fields.