Chase Joliet

Chase Joliet is an actor and filmmaker from Dallas, Texas, whose debut feature as writer-director, Grapefruit, in which he stars opposite Rosanna Arquette and Steph Barkley, is now on the festival circuit. He worked with legendary director Terrence Malick for a number of years on To the Wonder, Voyage of Time and Song to Song, after which he produced his first independent feature film, Krisha, which won SXSW Grand Jury award and audience award before playing at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016. Chase won the John Cassavetes Award at the 2016 Indie Spirit awards and went on to help develop Trey Edward Shults’ second feature, It Comes at Night. Chase’s short film directorial debut, the comedic short Everything Mattress, won multiple audience awards and is currently being sold in European Territories.


Finding Compassion, or Why My Mom is My Tripwire

By Chase Joliet | December 11, 2023

Finding Compassion, or Why My Mom is My Tripwire

Chase Joliet on writing, recovery and the roots of his debut feature, Grapefruit.