Charlotte Kemp Muhl

Charlotte Kemp Muhl is the bassist for NYC art-rock band UNI and the Urchins. She has directed all of UNI and The Urchins’ videos and mini-films, and engineered, mixed and mastered their upcoming debut album Simulator (out 1/13/23 on Chimera Music) herself. A workaholic and a diehard control freak, her biology is 70% composed of cup ramen and useless science factoids.

UNI and the Urchins AI-written song/AI-made video for “Simulator” is out now.


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A.I. Killed The Radio Star

By Charlotte Kemp Muhl | December 1, 2022

A.I. Killed The Radio Star

Charlotte Kemp Muhl (UNI and The Urchins) on the future of bot-generated art.