Carson Mell

Carson Mell was born in Arizona in 1980, the son of a landscape painter and a nurse. He moved to Los Angeles in 2002 to write and work in film and television. Since then, three of his short films have been official selections of the Sundance Film Festival. His short fiction has been published in McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern and Electric Literature. He has written for several television shows including HBO’s Eastbound & Down and Silicon Valley and is the creator of the TBS animated show Tarantula. His first feature, the comedy horror Another Evil, came out in 2016, and his latest film, the comedy Some of Our Stallions, starring Al Di, Carson Mell, Olivia Taylor Dudley, Tim Heidecker, David Zellner and Mike Judge, opens in theaters and VOD on July 2 through Gravitas Ventures.


Some of Our Stallions: A Story of a Story …

By Carson Mell | July 1, 2021

Some of Our Stallions: A Story of a Story …

Writer-director-actor Carson Mell tells the charming, circuitous tale of how his picaresque new comedy-drama came into existence.