Burr Oak

Burr Oak is the new project of Chicago-based singer-songwriter Savanna Dickhut who merges together brutally honest, story-driven lyrics with raw, dreamy vocals. Breaking away from her duo-fronted band Elk Walking, Burr Oak is Dickhut’s first-ever venture as a solo artist.

With just two singles out this past year, The Chicago Tribune wrote her songs “show the promise of a songwriter sure of her voice and sound, one that is piercing and deeply relatable and authentic.” To put it simply, Burr Oak resonates by bridging voice with story.

Before the stay-at-home order, Burr Oak played the annual Chicago winter festival Tomorrow Never Knows (they opened for Twain and Buck Meek of Big Thief) and Savanna performed a solo set for Panache Booking’s “Village of Love” Planned Parenthood benefit concert this past Valentine’s Day.

(Photo Credit: Carl Solether)


Introducing: Burr Oak’s “Trying”

By Burr Oak | October 13, 2020

Introducing: Burr Oak’s “Trying”

A track premiere, plus an essay by frontwoman Savanna Dickhut.