Black Beach

Stemming from various bands that guitarist/vocalist Steven Instasi and bassist Ben Semeta had been in since their teenage years, Black Beach formed in 2012 in their hometown of Middleboro, MA when the two joined with childhood friend and drummer Ryan Nicholson. Originally starting as a hardcore band, the trio decided to focus on writing a style of music that encompassed all of their interests rather than existing in the confines of any one particular genre. What resulted was a sound that took inspiration from noise rock, post-punk, proto-punk, doom, free jazz, and art rock. Eventually relocating to Boston where the band found kindred spirits in the local music scene, Black Beach found a home in the various basements and music venues in the city and began playing with international touring acts such as Thee Oh Sees, Protomartyr, and Acid King. With two EPS, a split with friends Nice Guys and 2016’s LP Shallow Creatures under their belt, Black Beach continues to evolve their genre bending version of rock music.


Introducing: Black Beach’s “Dumpster Fire”

By Black Beach | September 12, 2019

Introducing: Black Beach’s “Dumpster Fire”

A track premiere, plus some notes from the band on what they love about free jazz, Dave Grohl, and My Name Is Earl.