Baltasar Kormákur

Baltasar Kormákur is an Icelandic actor and filmmaker whose work spans theater, movies and television. He is the director of Icelandic films including 101 Reykjavik, The Sea, Jar City, The Oath and The Deep, the latter of which was shortlisted for the foreign language Academy Award. Since 2008, Kormákur has directed and produced several non-Icelandic features, such as Contraband, starring Mark Wahlberg, Ben Foster and Kate Beckinsale, 2 Guns, with Denzel Washington and Wahlberg, and the epic adventure movie Everest, with an ensemble cast featuring Jason Clarke, Josh Brolin, John Hawkes, Sam Worthington, Emily Watson, Keira Knightley, Robin Wright and Jake Gyllenhaal. Kormákur and his RVK Studios also ventured into television with the critically acclaimed crime drama Trapped, which earned record ratings and whose second season is forthcoming. His latest film, the ocean survival tale Adrift, starring Shailene Woodley and Sam Claflin, is in theaters from June 1, through STX Films.


Why I Make Extreme Survival Movies

By Baltasar Kormákur | May 30, 2018

Why I Make Extreme Survival Movies

Baltasar Kormákur on his Icelandic roots and pushing himself to the limits for films like Everest and his latest, Adrift.