April Mullen

A filmmaker known as much for her versatility as she is for her passion, April Mullen most recently directed Below Her Mouth, a relentless love story shot entirely by an all-female crew which had its world premiere at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival and will be released theatrically in the U.S. on April 28. Mullen’s previous features include: 88, an action thriller; and Dead Before Dawn 3D, which made Mullen the youngest person and first female to direct a live-action stereoscopic 3D feature film. The film was celebrated for its technological achievement and awarded the Perron Crystal. Mullen is co-founder of the independent production company WANGO Films, alongside Tim Doiron. The company has produced five films to date. A true maverick in the feature film world, Mullen is known for her bold and stunning visuals, ambitious shooting style, strong performances and unique voice. Selected TV credits include Killjoys, Aftermath, Real Detective, Bellevue and Wynonna Earp.


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How Being Called a “Female Filmmaker” Helped Me Understand the Future of Cinema

By April Mullen | April 26, 2017

How Being Called a “Female Filmmaker” Helped Me Understand the Future of Cinema

The director of the forthcoming Below Her Mouth on how the press' recent focus on her gender made her newly consider the female gaze.